My Camping Adventures in Hong Kong

Day 1 in Hong Kong

Okay this trip was forever ago, but I never posted a blog. And though I usually keep a written journal I can’t seem to find any of my notes from this trip except the basics so who knows how many small details I can remember.

So it turns out hotels and hostels in Hong Kong are quite expensive especially if you wait until the last minute to book. About a week before my trip, I was trying to book a hostel for two nights, and the hostels in good locations were booked and everything else was out of my budget especially for hostels which I thought were supposed to be budget friendly. So I made the crazy decision to just camp while I was there. I figured I already had a tent from my trip to the Great Wall in China and might as well get some more use out of it.

I got to the airport in Hong Kong really early so I had a lot of time to kill. I eventually grabbed a bus for Lantau Island where I was going to spend the first part of my day. I ended up spending a lot of time outside of Citygate Outlets near the subway station. I was there earlier than they opened and had to wait, but then I had to walk around the mall for a while once it did open because the travel spots I wanted to see weren’t open until later in the morning ( I think around 10). Honestly, I was so insanely bored and tired. But eventually, I made my way onto the Ngong Ping 360 cable car which took me to see the Big Buddha and the surrounding area with some walking paths, shops and a monastery. The view from the cable car, though not the most spectacular I’ve ever seen, was still really nice.


Though there were some other tourists, it wasn’t too crowded so it was fairly peaceful walking around most parts of Ngong Ping Village. I liked walking the Wisdom Path as it gave me time to just enjoy nature and reflect.


The bronze Tian Tan Buddha also just known as Big Buddha was a really cool site. There is always something so impressive to me about large structures that obviously took a lot of time and effort to create.   There were also six smaller bronze statues around it which are known as  “The Offering of the Six Devas.” The six statues are offering flowers, incense, lamp, ointment, fruit, and music to the Big Buddha.


Unless I’m forgetting something and I don’t have the pictures to remind me, the rest of the afternoon was spent getting to the spot I would be camping at. That was definitely an adventure. I got on the right bus as I had researched the details of how to get everywhere before I went on the trip, but once I got there I was super confused about how to actually get to the beach that was supposed to be by the campsite. I was under the impression that I should be able to walk to the beach fairly easily. But, though I found the camping area, I couldn’t see the beach anywhere. I lugged my stuff down a path that ended up leading me to a bunch of houses rather than a beach. So then I ended up finding another bus to take me back to the spot I had come from. I went downhill for too much of my trek down to want to go back up. I was sweaty. Really sweaty.

I got back, and if I recall correctly I eventually just asked another foreigner I was passing in hopes of verifying I was heading in the right direction to the beach. It turns out the beach was actually closer to one of the other bus stops so I basically spent 30ish unnecessary minutes walking. But I finally made it. I finally got there and decided I was going to set up camp right on the beach whether I was supposed to or not because there was no freakin’ way I was walking back to that campsite. It had been a long day with very little sleep, and I was so exhausted. The beach, which is called Pui O Beach by the way,  actually has a spot specifically for camping, but it was under repair so I figured if I set up camp near it then I should be okay. (It ended up being okay, well  I didn’t get in trouble at least, and there were two other tents set up which made me assume camping was allowed.)

I unintentionally took a nap, woke up super confused about where I was at, and then walked to a nearby shop and had a burger for dinner. I actually had a massive headache because of dehydration I’m guessing. But I tried my best to push through and enjoy dinner before having a surprisingly comfortable sleep on the beach. The sand is way more comfortable than a hard dirt ground though it is a bit messier.



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