The Temples in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Siem Reap was probably my favorite part of my two week trip to Indonesia, Malaysia and Cambodia. Of course, it is mostly because I got to see some of the amazing temples in the area. To be honest, I didn’t feel that there was much to do other than see the temples, but the temples alone were amazing so I didn’t need much more than that anyway. Plus, I just liked the city. It seemed a bit more peaceful than Phnom Penh.

We didn’t see all of the temples because we both felt that one day was enough and, no matter how awesome something is, you get burnt out seeing too many.

Our first mistake of the day, we made a lot on this trip in general and some we never learned from, was that we didn’t wear appropriate clothes to explore the temples. I think the rule is that shoulders and legs have to be covered. So we ended up buying t-shirts and sarangs to wear. Once we started going to all of the temples though, we realized most people weren’t following this rule so we wondered how real or how strict this rule actually was. I always want to be respectful and follow the rules, but dang when it is that hot it is hard to. Half way through I ended up taking off my sweat soaked t-shirt. Usually I don’t think that I should break a rule just because other people are, but I was too hot. I couldn’t help myself.

Anyway, I’ll highlight a couple of the temples we explored.

Angkor Wat, the first stop on our temple tour which we took a tuk tuk for, was cool, but because of the big crowds I didn’t feel that impressed and was actually a bit underwhelmed.

Bayon was absolutely my favorite. It was just so much more impressive to me. I loved walking around this one. Sometimes pictures just aren’t enough. Though cheesy to say, it is the feeling you experience when you see or experience something. Bayon was the temple that made me realize how awesome this experience was.

Baphuon was also really nice. The steps going up were super steep, and it felt a bit dangerous. But, at least we got a good workout. I ,100 percent, recommend wearing tennis shoes when exploring the temples. 

Ta Prohm, probably most well known because of Tomb Raider, was very impressive. This one was a lot more spread out and was fun to walk around, minus the crowds.

I think we saw a couple more, but personally I enjoyed the ones I just mentioned the most.

I was super hot and tired by the end of this day. I wish we had gotten an earlier start. No matter how wonderful something is, if you feel hot and tired, you just don’t want to explore anymore. Well, that is how I felt by that afternoon.

Overall, it was a really enjoyable day and definitely an experience I won’t forget.

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