My Last Two Days in Siem Reap

These days were pretty laid back. We searched a couple of times for other stuff to do, but ended up not really coming up with something that sounded particularly attention grabbing. 

By noon we had changed from a hostel to a hotel because we weren’t super happy at the place we stayed the first night and we ended up getting  a great deal on a hotel. After checking in we swam a bit then lounged around the pool. In the afternoon we found a post office to send postcards and picked up something my friend had left at the hostel. We ended up getting to explore a lot of the city this way. 

That night, after dinner, we explored the night market and Pub Street which I had also checked out the night before.

Then the next day my friend had to head back to Phnom Penh because of a bit of a mix up (I told you we made a lot of mistakes on this trip), and so I wandered the city a bit more by myself. I had one final iced coffee, Cambodia style. I was obsessed with them.
I did a little more souvenir shopping and had some Cambodian food for lunch.

Then that evening after Mexican food (random I know) for dinner, I went to see the  Phare Circus (not with animals) which was a small but wonderful acrobatic performance. 

I met a man from New Zealand who shared his stories of traveling Asia with me before the performance as we were waiting and then kindly dropped me back off at my hotel since he had already had a tuk tuk driver for the day. I love talking to other travelers and hearing their stories. It always makes trips that much more interesting.

Then later that night I took a tuk tuk to the airport and headed back to Shanghai. It’s always a mix of feelings when a trip ends. Though I was happy to head back, I was also sad for my adventure to end.

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