Ubud- The Town of Culture and Tourists

After a van ride from Kuta and then almost hour long walk with heavy backpacks, we finally made it to our guesthouse in  Ubud nice and sweaty.

Ubud is a great central location for exploring Bali. The town has a lot of great shops and restaurants, and they also have a lot of options for things to do like taking a yoga or meditation class, learning how to cook Indonesia food, wandering around markets and small shops or seeing a traditional Balinese dance. Though I do have to once again say that this was also a very touristy area. That doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing because it means it has become such a great place to visit that so many people want to come. Plus I also knowingly traveled to some of the most popular areas in Bali. I knew I would have a wonderful experience and see awesome things, but I also knew this would come along with lots of other people doing the same thing.

Coconuts were cheap and refreshing!
Indonesia food was so nice, and I especially loved tempeh.
Exploring Ubud
Market in Ubud

I had a very relaxing Balinese massage for a very cheap price.To be honest it was kind of weak compared to the Chinese massages that I am used to haha, but it was still really nice and relaxing. And the atmosphere was really peaceful and the people were nice.

I went to a meditation class which was tough but worthwhile. It is something I would consider doing again. I keep telling myself to take a little time out of each day to meditate. Meditation is really hard for me because my mind is always running, and I have a hard time controlling it. But, I would like to try to bring a little more calm and peace into my life. I actually attempted to go the meditation class two mornings before but totally failed the first time so. Since I didn’t buy a sim card to use during the trip, I would search directions when I had wifi and then screenshot the directions. Well the directions took me in the right direction, but I couldn’t seem to find the place and  the walk was nowhere near as short as it was supposed to be. By the time registration for the class had started, I still hadn’t found it. By the time the class had actually started, I realized that I had made my way back into town. I definitely passed it without knowing. So I went and had a nice relaxing breakfast. I asked a local about how to get there before attempting to go the second time and luckily I was successful.

The breakfast after failure
This time I made it to the meditation class!


I saw a traditional Balinese dance performance which is one of the most unique performances I’ve ever seen. It is so interesting to me the way they move their bodies and their eyes. Facial expression seemed to a very important aspect of the dance style. At first the music playing didn’t seem to have much of a rhythm, but once you start watching and get into the dancing it all seems to work together quite well.

The Royal Palace

I also got lucky and ended up being in Indonesia while they were celebrating a holiday. One day when we were walking back to our guesthouse in Ubud, we saw a group of school kids marching through the streets with fire. Honestly it could have been frightening to see crowds of young people with fire because it so easily could be dangerous, but they all seemed to be really responsible about handling it. I later researched and found out it was the day before Indonesia’s Independence Day. I found a lot of articles that described students marching through the streets and singing. I didn’t specifically see something about them marching through the streets with fire so I can only assume that is just another form of celebration. The next day I saw what looked like a ceremony to celebrate veterans going on at the local soccer field. Then there were waves of a parade marching through the streets.





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