Exploring Kuta in Bali

I recently went on an awesome two week trip to Indonesia, Malaysia and Cambodia. Two weeks could seem short or long depending on how you look at it. Lately, most of my trips have been 5 days max so for me it was a longer trip. But for the part of me that just wants to take off a year to backpack all over the world , it felt short. I went with my friend Lisa which made it easy for anyone we talked to. They only had to learn one name.

Our first stop was Bali, Indonesia where we spent a week. For the first couple of days we stayed in an area called Kuta. To be honest, it was a very touristy area that didn’t feel too authentic.But, I still had a lot of of working on my bargaining skills and trying delicious Balinese food. It is the most shopping that I’ve ever done on one of my trips. Usually, I’m such a budget traveler that I don’t fee the need to buy anything to bring back. But, I suddenly flipped a switch and did a lot of shopping here and on this trip in general. The more I thought about it, the more I wish that I had gotten at least a small thing from each country that I’ve been to as a keepsake. But oh well! For those places I still have my pictures. From now on though, I think I will start collecting small things from each  country.


I had imagined that I would have spent a couple of mornings or afternoons at the beach in Bali, but I ended up only really going to the beach once, and I never even swam in the ocean. I typically get bored with too much beach time, but I was still surprised at how little we ended up at the beach. Though we really didn’t spend that many days in beach areas so it makes sense.



We did go to another beach area called Seminayak but that was actually for shopping because we met a girl at a hostel who told us about some cool jewelry we could find there. We were actually quite lucky to meet her because we ended up hanging out with her a couple of times throughout the trip and she helped us out a lot with planning stuff and advice on where to go and typical prices to use for bargaining.

The main travel spot we visited while in this area was Uluwatu Temple which was about an hour drive away.The views were really nice, and the monkeys living in the area were entertaining but scary. I had been warned about the monkeys online and that you really need to watch your stuff around them. I realized it was definitely a real problem when I saw a monkey suddenly run over and snatch a guy’s glasses and then break them a minute later. We held on to our stuff very tightly and carefully from that moment on and were always on the lookout. Later we even saw a monkey try to pull a flip flop off somebody whose foot was completely on the ground. They were going for everything. So even though we had to be super cautious it was a fun trip. The views around the temple were so pretty because they looked out into the ocean.


After we went to Uluwatu Temple, we watched the sunset at Seminyak Beach and we got delicious (but kind of pricey) acai bowls at this cute shop called Nalu Bowls.14192118_10205069814585011_7866902968370181842_n

One night we had delicious food at a nearby restaurant. But, I forget the name of it now.


Kuta,though touristy, was a fun area and I had a lot of fun doing some shopping there. Plus it had a hostel called Bread and Jam that was so cute, comfortable and clean! We even ended back there the night before our flight to Malaysia.

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