Korea- Back Again

I lived in Korea for two and a half years so you can check out all my old blogs to see more… oh wait… I never actually successfully kept up with a blog when I lived in Korea. I kind of regret not doing so because it was a really important part of my life. But now I can write a little more about Korea since this is the second trip I’ve taken there since officially moving to China.

This trip was a mix of repeats and new adventures for me.

Day 1:
We went to the Coex Mall and shopped around. Quite frankly that didnt last long though as neither me or my travel buddy were that interested in shopping.


I did have to stop in for a quick look at the Kakao friends store though.



Exiting the Coex Mall, we found a sign with a map pointing us in the direction of Bongeunsa Temple. I was actually quite happy we did this because I don’t remember ever visiting it while I lived in Korea.






We kept things rolling and headed to  Myeongdong for lunch and to try our hand at shopping again.

Myeongdong Shopping Street
It’s amazing how much I missed kimbab. I was so excited to eat this!
Cinnamon Mocha- My favorite drink from Ediya Coffee


After Myeongdong we headed to Gwanghwamun Square and Gyeongbeokgung Palace.

King Sejong
Gyeongbokgung Palace


Pictures with strangers in pretty Hanbok 😀



We were getting a bit worn out at this point but still made our way to Cheongyecheon Stream for a quick stroll around before heading back to Hapjeong for dinner.


Korean BBQ for Dinner
Flavored soju is the bomb!

We stayed at a hostel called Inno Hostel Pub and Bar. It had a cool vibe and the people were super friendly and helpful. My only complaint would be that the plumbing was pretty bad. The toilets were frequently clogged.


Day 2:

The first thing we did today was go on to Eungbongsan for a hike. It was mostly just stairs and lasted around 30 minutes (or probably less). It didn’t feel like we went that high up but we still got a pretty good view.


After that we headed back to the hostel for a quick shower and break.

Then we made our way to the Han River where we rented bicycles for an hour. It’s super cheap the rent bikes. It only costs about $3 to rent a bike for an hour. All you have to do is pay and leave a form of identification.

Han River
Sad attempt at a bicycle selfie


After finishing our fun bike ride, we went to N Seoul Tower to get an afternoon view of the city. This was the third time I have been here but I still appreciated the views.

N Seoul Tower
It wasn’t the clearest day for a city view.

After this we went back to Myeongdong to meet my friend for dinner. We had some time to kill so did the best thing possible and stopped at a cafe for some mango bingsu.


After dinner, my traveling buddy wasn’t feeling well and realized she might have heat exhaustion so we headed back to the hostel so she could relax and try to hydrate.

Day 3:

Finally! I finally went on a JSA tour. I wasn’t able to do a full tour with all parts of the DMZ. But, I did get to go to go to the JSA and Imjingak Park. I consider the JSA to be the most important part of the DMZ tour as it allowed me the opportunity to go into the conference room and technically cross the dividing line and and enter North Korea. It was such an interesting experience, and the feeling I had when I was there was unlike one I’ve had while traveling before. I could feel the significance of where I was.

Inside the Conference Room
Bridge of No Return


Memorial on Freedom Bridge

I felt bad because my friend still wasn’t feeling 100 percent so she decided to pass on the tour and relax a bit longer.

When I got back we went to Hongdae for lunch. And then we found a cat cafe to relax at. They would only come if you had cat food to offer them, haha.


My friend still wasn’t feeling well but luckily her super awesome Korean friend was able to find a clinic near our hostel where she decided to get an IV drip. It definitely wasn’t a boring trip.

Her friend met us there and took us for dinner after. We ate delicious food and played a couple of Korean drinking games. Light drinking only.

The next morning I had to catch my flight back to Shanghai.As always, I had a great time in Korea.

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