Tokyo Trip- Yoyogi Park, Tokyo Views, Harajuku, Shibuya

Visiting Yoyogi Park was a wonderful start to our day. It was such a peaceful and pretty place. Finding nature in the city is one of my favorite things to do.




The view from Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building was really nice and luckily we didn’t have to wait too long in line. We did look silly for a couple minutes as we walked around trying to find the right entrance. I;ll save you some trouble with these tips- just ask the guard or follow other people who may look like tourists heading in the right direction. That worked for us in this case.



Harajuku was such a fun area to visit. There were so many cool cafes, shops and unique things to see.

-We started with food and dessert at Kawaii Monster Cafe.It was so colorful and the seating areas had different themes. We even got to see a short performance before we left.


-We did some shopping on the popular street called Takeshita Street. This place had a ton of cool stores, and I was having a lot of flashbacks to childhood with some of the awesome toys and posters the stores had.


-We needed to figure out our next plan and take a short break so we found this Sesame Street Cafe to order drinks and sit at. It was super cute!


After Harajuku, we made our way to Shibuya Crossing. Honestly we spent at least the first five minutes just taking pictures and videos of the intensity of the crowds. Yes, I know, we are super cool and not obvious tourists at all.


We walked around the Shibuya area for a bit and checked out some stores. Then we found this nice place for dinner. I enjoyed tofu, raw fish (I forgot what kind), and rice wraps with filling.


Before heading back to the Shinjuku area we had to get a couple pictures of the night view of Shibuya Crossing.



This part of the night was so fun! We had drinks at the really small bar on a popular street in Shinjuku. The place was super crowded and we were crammed on stools on the second floor. But we met some really nice people and the bartender was a cool guy. The atmosphere was really friendly and relaxing even though it was so packed.


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