Tokyo Trip- Busy First Day

The first day in Tokyo was a fun but very long one. I went with a friend from my Chinese class, and our flight arrived at 1 in the morning. We decided instead of booking a hostel we would just push through and wait until that evening to get sleep. It wouldn’t have been too bad but since our flight was an evening flight and I can’t sleep on planes very well, I didn’t really get any sleep to help me prepare.

So anyway, we arrived and grabbed a taxi that took us near the Tsukiji Fish Market that opens up in the early hours. Of course, they don’t have much going on quite that early so we went to a nearby 24 hour shop and drank coffee. It was actually pretty cool though because you could pay a set price and drink anything they had available and as much as you wanted. They had soda, juice, tea and coffee. I mostly just stuck with coffee so I could be caffeinated for the day. The place was called Jonathan’s which is a branch restaurant, and it is really close to the fish market.


Okay so now here is a dumb story because we were dumb and made a dumb decision. Our friend had mentioned how at the tuna auction the workers really seemed frustrated with having to deal with the tourists. They are trying to get an actual job done so I guess it came off  that they really weren’t happy with always having an audience and distraction. This made us hesitate, and we ended up being too nervous and didn’t want to be a nuance so we decided to check out the fish market and not attend the auction. But then we ran into some other people visiting Japan, and they really wanted to see the auction. We figured maybe we should just go ahead and join them and check it out. Of course, once we decided that we should go check it out we were too late and it was full.  Immediately after that we were so frustrated with ourselves for not just going and doing it. We obviously were there early enough and could have easily made it before they filled up. That’s how it goes though isn’t it? It’s always when you can’t have something or do something that you really want it.  I’ve included a useful article for some general info about visiting the Tsukiji Fish Market.

So after we walked around the market for a bit, (and I still have this feeling like we managed to miss some important areas) we had sushi for breakfast. It was delicious, and it was definitely a first for me to have sushi for breakfast. But I enjoyed it nonetheless. I think we even drank a little bit of alcohol. Mine was a type of fruit alcohol I believe. Wow, we did the morning right. I followed no rules that day apparently.

Mmmmm breakfast!

After that, we walked around a bit and slowly made our way to the subway station so we could head to another area where we could catch a bus to do a city tour. There was a lot of time to kill before then though.

We came upon the Tsukiji Hongan-ji Temple along the way.
The streets were eerily quiet in the morning (at least compared to Shanghai)

Eventually we were able to start the bus tour and that’s how we spent most of the afternoon. We used the Sky Hop Bus tour which gave us a ticket that was valid for 24 hours and gave us the option to use three different routes (all if you’d like).


On the bus tour we got to see…

Tokyo Skytree
Tokyo Tower
We stopped at and explored Akihabara.
We visited a maid cafe in Akihabara.
My cute dessert at the maid cafe
Fuji TV Headquarters

I’ll be honest and admit that I dozed off during the tour a couple of times. That’s not to say the tour was boring, it’s just that I was pretty tired and the bus ride was a smooth and peaceful enough one that I easily fell asleep. I didn’t miss any of the good stuff though. I just napped on the ride between spots a couple of times. I tried to convince myself to stay awake, but it was just not happening.

After the bus tour we made it to our capsule hotel located in Shinjuku. We got confused about the subway lines along the way. Now I understand why so many people say Tokyo’s subway system is so difficult to use! But luckily there was a friendly person who helped us. Then we got a bit lost walking to our hostel but eventually ended up in the right direction. Plus once we were in the right area, we found someone who kindly helped us and even walked us all the way to the right place.


We had dinner, explored Shinjuku and finally ended our long day. I slept so well that night!







Oh,  and I also made a video with some clips from my first day in Tokyo if you want to check the randomness out.



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