Reminiscing- Adventures in Tokyo

Tokyo, I’m not sure I wanted to leave you.

Tokyo made such a wonderful first impression on me. The truth is that I never had a strong desire to travel to Japan. I didn’t not want to go, but I was also never in any rush to get there. I really don’t know why. I love traveling around Asia, but Japan was never high on my list. But my gosh, now I am so, so happy that I went. It was such a wonderful city. I can easily list the things I loved

People were so kind, friendly and helpful. Anytime my friend and I were struggling with directions someone would come up and offer to help. I was almost overwhelmed (in a good way) by people’s seemingly genuine kindness and politeness.Customer service was amazing. People everywhere were just so darn nice. Even now, I still don’t think I can get over it.

It was such a fun place! There were so many cool, unique areas to visit such as Akihabara, Shinjuku and Harajuku. I loved the bright colors and flashing lights that lit up these places. There was so much energy and excitement.I got to explore some cool stores and go to some interesting cafes.

For such a bustling city, it could be surprisingly calm and quiet. I loved that I could find so many pretty and peaceful places in the city. (Yoyogi Park was my favorite!) And, even besides that, people generally were just quieter in public areas like in the subways and on the streets. At first, my friend and I were almost shocked by how quiet it was during the morning rush to work. It felt so strange. But by the end of our too short trip we got used to it and could enjoy the peace and quiet.

The food was tasty, especially the sushi. It was so nice! We didn’t have time to do a proper food tour (or whatever you want to call eating all the things haha), but everything I tasted was really good. I don’t particularly like a lot of rice based sweet snacks, but the mochi was soo good. I made sure to bring some back with me.

Okay so those are all just some simple things I loved about Tokyo. And, I also believe that sometimes that there is just this feeling certain places give you that make you love them or feel connected to them. Tokyo just made me love it, and I don’t how to explain it other than that. In the future I’d love to explore more cities in Japan so I can learn more about the culture and the people.

Side note: Pictures will soon follow in some other follow up blogs.


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