Catch Up- Adventures in Korea

In March, I took another visa trip. Usually, I try to use these trips as an opportunity to travel somewhere new, but I wanted a quick, easy trip to a familiar place. So I went to Korea! I had to mix it up at least a little bit though and took a trip with my friend to Gyeongju, a historical city in Korea. I never went when I lived in Korea so I was really happy to make the trip. I had another phone incident though. I lost my phone/someone stole it. My best guess is that it fell out of my pocket, and then someone took it. I was quite surprised though because usually in Korea you would be able to get it back especially because it had only been about 10 minutes before I realized it was gone. I made a frantic search for it, but I had a train to catch back to Seoul so I did my best before heading to the station. A peaceful day turned chaotic. It seems like a lot of my trips turn out that way lately…


Here’s a short retelling of the thought processes I had the last couple of weeks about losing the photos from my trip to Korea.

(One day after my trip): Man, I am so sad I lost all of my photos from my trip to Korea. It really sucks. No phone and no pictures.

(Two weeks later): Yes! I finally got my phone account logged back in.(It kept not letting me even after resetting my info.) Woah..wait…my pictures did save to the cloud!! Whoo!!! At least I got my pictures!! Oh yeah! Life is good.

(One week after that when finally getting around to organizing the pictures): Nooo!! Only some of them saved! I didn’t even realize. I lost some of the coolest ones. Sigh. Ehh, I guess better than nothing, right?

Because I lost my phone, I thought I lost all of the photos from my trip. I didn’t remember backing them up. Then, I got my new phone, and (after struggling to get my phone account set up again) realized that I did

Here are the pictures from my trip to Korea. Some of them are mine and some are my from my friend Lisa Leblanc who kindly let me use hers.

Royal Tomb of King Taejong Muyeol (Courtesy of Lisa Leblanc)


 Daereungwon Tomb Complex (Courtesy of Lisa Leblanc)


Anapji Pond


Cheomseongdae Observatory (Courtesy of Lisa Leblanc)


Bulguksa Temple (Courtesy of Lisa Leblanc)


Delicious Food and Selfie Lattes



By the way, it was super amusing listen to myself accidentally use Chinese almost every time I meant to use Korean. I kept having to correct myself. My brain just has this habit of knowing I shouldn’t be using English but just goes to the most recent other language I’ve been using. But then, of course, the first thing I did when I got back to Shanghai was to say 감사합니다  instead of 谢谢。C’mon brain.

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