Taiwan Travels- Yehliu & Keelung

I decided to spend my third day in Taiwan exploring some areas outside of Taipei. My plan was to visit Yehliu Geopark and multiple cities around that area including Ruifan, Jiufen and Keelung. But, because of rainy weather, I only ended up visiting the park and Keelung.

Yehliu Geopark


I traveled by bus from Taipei West Bus Station – Terminal A which is about a 5 minute walk from the Taipei Main Station. When I went, I was a bit confused because the information I had made it seem like you could buy tickets at the main station terminal. This is not true! If you end up at the main station just ask the information desk and they will point you in the right direction.

You can buy a one-way or round trip ticket at the Kuo Kuang ticket counter. Catch bus 1815 for the Yehliu Geopark destination.

Travel Tip: As I learned before going on the trip, it is better to be alert on the bus ride and keep a look out for the Yehliu Geopark stop. The bus ride is about an hour and twenty minutes though so need to expect to come upon the stop too early.

There will be a sign on the main road marking the road leading to the park. You’ll go to the right once you get off the bus and follow the signs that lead you to the park. It’s close to a 10 minute walk from the bus stop to the park’s entrance.


Yehliu Geopark was a very unique place to visit. I had never seen landscape like it before. Over a long period of time, the rocks had been naturally eroded by the sea creating unique pieces of art. There were many cool formations, but I think the honeycombed and mushroom rocks draw the most attention.


Some of the formations have even been given names based off their likeness to other people or things. The most popular mushroom rock at the park is called Queen’s Head. It is considered to have a likeness to Queen Elizabeth.  The Queen’s Head is in a vulnerable state, and because of past visitors and continued erosion it is likely that after a couple of decades it could be destroyed. There is a replica of it near the entrance of the park.

                                          Queen’s Head

The views were so nice! Cheesy, but I grabbed a coffee from a small shop they had and just watched the waves crash against the land for a bit. I love being around water so I really enjoyed my visit here.

Travel Tip: Check out the website for a lot more details about Yehliu Geopark and the natural formations you can see there. You can go to the FAQ page to find directions to the park.  Yehliu Geopark is opened daily from 9-5, and the regular ticket price is NTD80 which is less than $2.50 for the ticket.

I enjoyed getting to see the sea eroded landscape of Yehliu Geopark, and I enjoyed exploring outside of Taipei. But, I do have to say that I was a little disappointed with how crowded the spot was. I know it is a tourist spot and somewhat expected it but couldn’t help but wish that I could’ve enjoyed such a pretty and natural place in a little more peace with a few less people. Those were just my secret, unreasonable expectations though. Also,to be honest, I had to work pretty hard to get these pictures without people in them. I wanted to create the illusion of peace and solitude like I imagined it should be, ha!



Keelung was a fun area to walk around. I got to explore a couple of cool spots before it started to rain, and I decided to head back to Taipei.

The first thing I did after arriving in Keelung was eat lunch. I had been walking around Yehliu all morning, and I was ready to eat! I feel like I got nervous a lot to go to actual restaurants during this trip, but this one had outside seating and it was really easy to just point at the food that looked good and say that I wanted it in Chinese. Both the vermicelli and dumplings were really yummy. The dumplings were different than the ones I am used to and the sauce had a really interesting taste that I had also never tried before


After lunch, I made my way to Zhongzheng Park. Getting to it involved more steep stairs than I realized it would, but it was good exercise to help counteract all of the street food I’d been eating and milk tea I’d been drinking during the trip. And, at the top of the hill there were a lot of cool things to see. The view of Keelung Harbor was nice as well. It may not have been the most riveting travel spot, but it was a cool find considering I had no idea what I would be coming upon. I just expected a regular to park to walk around. So, I was happily surprised.



On the walk back to the bus station I stopped for a snack from a street vendor. They treats were being freshly made so I got to watch how they did it plus I got to eat them when they were nice and warm. I’ll be honest and admit that I’m not actually sure what was in the first and second ones pictures below. The third was red bean. I enjoyed the last two which both had a nice sweet flavor. But the first one tasted really strange to me, and I couldn’t eat it all.


Once I got back to Taipei (I used 1815 for the way back as well since I purchased a round trip ticket) I relaxed at my hostel for a short time, and then I headed out to Raohe Night Market for dinner. You can easily reach the night market by heading to Songshan Station
(Line 3) and going out exit 1. It is a really short walk, and the entrance is quite obvious.

I enjoyed everything in the pictures below except for the second food picture. It was an oyster omelette I believe, and to me it just tasted gooey and really gross. I am very willing to try things and never want to be a picky eater, but I just couldn’t handle it. The last two pictures are of a shop and the delicious pork bun/bread thing they sell. I was leaving the market when I saw the really long line of people waiting for one. I once read something that said go to the stands where all the people are so I figured I might as well give this place a try. The wait was worth it. The filling was nicely flavored and the outside breading was nice and crunchy. It was super delicious!

I do believe I grabbed some milk tea on the way home, and then I called it a night.

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