Taiwan Travels- Beitou

-A relaxing morning and a stressful afternoon-


My morning trip to Beitou on my final day in Taiwan was fun and stress free. All I had to do was catch the subway to Xinbeitou, go out the only exit and find the spots I wanted to see.

Walking around Beitou


Beitou Thermal Valley


Plum Garden


Beitou Outdoor Public Hot Springs


Beitou Hot Springs Museum

I am so happy I decided to make the trip to Beitou! It was a really peaceful and leisurely morning. There are maps showing you all the nifty little places you can check out. Everything is only a short walk away so even though I mainly came for the outdoor public hot springs, it was fun to check out some other stuff. I mean, why not? Beitou Thermal Valley was super cool..well…super hot actually. Ahhahaha. I’m so funny. It was interesting learning more about the history of Beitou at the museum. And, the outdoor public hot springs were very relaxing and super inexpensive. The entrance fee was NTD40 which is about $1.2o. There were three heated areas and two cooling ones. The hot springs got hotter the higher up the stairs you went. I’m a wimp because I couldn’t handle the hottest one for very long. There were actually more things I could have checked out while in Beitou, but I decided to head back to Taipei for the rest of my day. I think I may regret that decision.

On the way back into the center of Taipei, I realized my phone wasn’t working. Unfortunately, I had been quite dependent on my phone during the trip because it was the easiest way to plan and map out things during my day. Plus, it was my camera since I forget my actual one. So, then I ended up spending way too much of my afternoon trying to get my phone fixed. I had hoped it would be a quick fix, and I could get on with my day. It ended up being a waste of time as I had multiple shops, including the Samsung repair shop, tell me they wouldn’t fix my phone since it was Korean. I got really frustrated, but I just had to let it go. One positive that came out of it was that I found a big, popular shopping area I didn’t know about. I walked around and got a milk tea. I definitely needed a milk tea after stressing myself out. Milk tea solves my problems, haha. Anyway, I gave up on getting it fixed. So I got dinner, went to a PC room and then spent the rest of my night relaxing at my hostel enjoying some Discovery Channel and getting ready to leave the next day.

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