Out & About in Shanghai

I’ve decided to start exploring Shanghai more. I get in a bad habit of not traveling enough in the city I live in. I’m still a beginner so don’t judge my videos too harshly please.☺

I’ve also decided to put more details about the locations of some of these places just in case someone happens upon my blog and wants to find these places. I always love using blogs and videos to help me plan my travels. Hopefully someone at some point can find mine helpful. As my Chinese speaking skills improve, I’ll be able to go on better adventures to smaller, unique shops and places more authentic to China. 


Zhongshan Park Station Exit Info

Shanghai Book City (Changning Branch) is near exits 2,7 or 8.image


In general,walking towards the line 2 exits will lead you to the Cloud Nine Mall underground entrance (look to the left side) as well as some other shopping areas.

*Cloud Nine Mall
It’s a large shopping mall comparable to most malls. It’s not especially unique, but has a lot of choices for shopping and eating.
Shopping: Uniqlo, H&M, Toys R Us, Yolo, Carrefour, etc…
Drinks & Dining: Yang’s Duplings, Ichido, Burger King, KFC, Coco, Happy Lemon, Pizza Hut, a sushi shop, Starbucks, etc…
You can find a large number of sit down restaurants on the 7th and 8th floors.

Line 2 Exits 3, 4, 5, and 6
•Walk towards these exits to find hallways of small shops.

Line 2, Exit 4
•Go straight out and walk for a minute or less, and you’ll see an entrance to Zhongshan Park on your left. ☆Zhongshan Park ended up being a great area to walk around. There a bunch of great little things to check out, and I need to go back and explore more!

Line 2, Exit 6
•Leads right outside the front of Zhaofeng Plaza.

Line 2, Exit 7
•Starbucks is to the right as you’re coming up the escalator.
•Suning (electronics and appliances) is to the left as you’re coming up the escalator.
•There are some places to eat to the left as well.
•If you come out and pull a u turn you will see Zhaofeng Plaza.
•You can find Gome nearby. Turn right when you reach the top of the escalator of the exit. You’ll see it in front of you across the street.

Line 3/4, Exit 2
•Connects to Cloud Nine Mall

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