One More Stop

Before we headed back to Nanjing, we made one more stop. We took an overnight sleeper train to Xi’an and spent a couple of days there.

The coolest thing I got to check out in this city was the Terracotta Army. I had learned about the history a while back when I first started learning more about China. The creation of this detailed, life-size army was ordered by First Emperor Qin and was buried with him when he died. Emperor Qin insisted that each figure be unique so facial details, hairstyles, expressions and gestures are different for each warrior. It was quite impressive!

(Side Story: We, along with a Polish family, got tricked by a driver who led us to believe our travel spot was far enough away that we shouldn’t walk. Yeah…turns out it was only like two minutes away. Also, we unneccesarily paid for tickets to a tourist spot that was a complete waste of our time. Thanks dude.)


We also checked out a busy shopping area and got to see the lit up Xian Drum Tower. As the name suggests, there was once a drum inside that was used to tell time during the Ming and Qing dynasties.



We visited the Shaanxi History Museum which was honestly way too crowded for me to really enjoy. It had a lot of interesting artifacts dating back to ancient times and covering a span of more than a million years. But, I didn’t spend as much time in there as I had originally hoped. It was still interesting getting a glimpse into China’s history though.


The other main attraction we saw was the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda.  There was a large water fountain in the North square where a pretty cool music and water show was put on.


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