Christmas in China

I got to celebrate my first Christmas in China, but, after two Christmases in Korea, I wanted to do it more the way I grew up celebrating. So, I bought a Christmas tree and decorated it, spent a week or two before Christmas listening to Christmas music, and I prepared lots of sweet treats. I … More Christmas in China

Toxin be Gone!

I remember my boyfriend coming back after a trip to China and being shocked because I saw perfectly round bruises covering his back. I was so confused by how it had happened but also felt intrigued. He explained to me that it was a common practice at massage shops in China. It’s called cupping therapy. … More Toxin be Gone!

One More Stop

Before we headed back to Nanjing, we made one more stop. We took an overnight sleeper train to Xi’an and spent a couple of days there. The coolest thing I got to check out in this city was the Terracotta Army. I had learned about the history a while back when I first started learning … More One More Stop