So, after getting to Chengdu, my boyfriend’s parents booked a guided trip so we could go outside of Chengdu and see some more of the awesomeness that Sichuan has to offer.

The first stop on our tour was Huanglong. If I remember correctly, the bus ride was about 8 hours long. I think we might have spent more time on buses and trains during our travels than actually exploring. It’s the necessary evil of travel, ha :). Luckily, the ride was a very scenic one.

When we arrived at Huanglong that afternoon, the weather was unfortunately not ideal for an outdoor excursion. It was rainy, foggy and cold. But, we were there and ready to go. We decided to take the cable car up the mountain and walk back down through the scenic areas. The line was intimidatingly long but luckily the actual wait ended up only being about an hour. (If you saw the seemingly never-ending line you would understand how an hour wait was a relief.)

Huanglong is a scenic area located in the mountains that has been listed as a World Heritage site. It really is a cool place and especially so on a clear, sunny day based off some Googling I did. Honestly, I think the fog and the mist really hindered the awe I might have felt had I gone on a clear day. But, I was still really impressed with an area of clear, blue pools formed by calcite deposits. Everywhere else the fog made things difficult to see, but as soon as we walked up to the pools things seemed so much clearer.

Our climb down Huanglong took much longer than we expected and the rest of our group was waiting for us. It turned into a stressful event frantically rushing down the steps through crowds of people trying to meet them. At one point, they decided they didn’t want to wait any longer so they set up a ride through another bus from their tour company. We still had to make sure we met the other group on time or be stranded at the sight. Fortunately, we made it just in time! The ride to our dinner and hotel location was about an hour long, and it was a nice chance to relax after all of that forced exercising. It even started to snow along the way which was a pretty sight but also made the drive a little more nerve-racking.

Anyhoo, we finished off the night with a Tibetian dinner and performance.

(Sorry for the stretched out video. I kept forgetting to turn my phone horizontally to film things.)

The host decided to pull me up to the front and have me show off my dancing skills. Luckily, there is absolutely no documentation of this.

The day was fun but tiring. I’d definitely recommend a trip to this area especially since Jiuzhaigou is so close and you can pair the two together for a trip.


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