Adventure at Jiuzhaigou

No, of course I couldn’t make it through the trip unscathed.
The day we visited Jiuzhaigou was definitely a memorable one. It turned out to be a really nice day which was a happy surprise after the previous day’s rainy, foggy weather. We spent the day exploring the beautiful landscapes. There were stunning sights in every direction. For this, pictures are much better than words.

As the day was coming to end, we rushed to catch a bus to make sure we met up with our tour group in time. The bus driver didn’t wait for us even though we were right by the door. As I turned to away (quite frustrated), I felt a sharp pain as my foot twisted to the side on the unlevel road. It really, really hurt. There is no other eloquent way for me to put it.

I wanted to pretend it didn’t and keep on keepin’ on, but I couldn’t. The pain was too severe, and I couldn’t even put pressure on it without feeling tears well up in my eyes. I felt like such a baby! More than anything, I was just frustrated with myself and quite embarassed at my clumsiness. I mean, really?

My boyfriend handled the situation well. I’m lucky he was there because I’m not sure how I would’ve managed that by myself in a foreign country. Can you imagine me hopping around and trying to use broken, limited Chinese and elaborate hand movements to explain and get help? It’s quite a funny image actually.

Fast forward past getting help and contacting his parents and our tour group, and I’m laying in the back of an ambulance.


Yep, that happened despite my insistance that my ankle was not broken and a doctor wouldn’t be able to do much for me. It was completely unnecessary and very embarrassing. I felt so awful about the trouble I was causing and what a dramatic scene this had turned into. I understood the necessity from the tour guides viewpoint and really appreciated everybody’s kindness and help, but still..

Well, at least now I can look back at it as a funny experience. And, before then, I’ve never been in an ambulance. It was a first time experience so I got that going for me which is nice.

Anyway, we got to the hosptial where they took an x-ray, confirmed my ankle wasn’t broken and gave me some medicine. I got a ride back to our hotel, hobbled up the stairs and spent the night trying to avoid injuring myself further.

The next day we headed back to Chengdu with just a couple of food stops and bathroom breaks. We visited some stores selling Tibetian snacks and other products. We even got to stop at a traditional Tibetian village and walk around, or wobble around in my case.

Despite hurting myself, I really enjoyed the trip and would definitely recommend visiting Jiuzhaigou.

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