Travel Adventures in China- Sichuan Province

Sichuan Province has many great qualities with lots of travel opportunities, and I got to experience a couple of wonderful things while visiting. (This is an introductory blog to the trip that will be followed by a couple more detailed blogs. Sorry for overload!)

Sichuan is very well known for its spicy food. Delicious, delicious spicy food! It is considered one of the eight culinary cuisines of China. Many of the meals I ate left a burning sensation in my mouth. It made me worthy of being a fire breathing dragon. Okay, super lame. But dang, it was spicy!!

Sichuan also has a lot of, quite pretty, natural scenery. It has the Sichuan Opera, which origins date back to the end of Ming and beginning of Qing Dynasty. And, of course, Sichuan has PANDAS! So many pandas!

I visited Sichuan with my boyfriend and his parents. We traveled by train from Nanjing to Chengdu, the starting city of our travel adventures in Sichuan. It was about a 12 hour trip which went by faster than imagined but still not quite fast enough. I was ready to really get the trip started!

My Travel Destinations in Sichuan

  • Chengdu
  • Huanglong
  • Jiuzhaigou


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