First Impressions

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I moved to China!!! I traveled for a little bit when I first got here, but I am now settled into an apartment in Shanghai and ready to start this adventure. My plan is to focus my time on studying Chinese in order to truly learn to communicate with others here and not just get by (sorry for my laziness Korea:/).

It was an exciting and sometimes stressful month, but things have calmed down. So, I’ve decided to share some of my first thoughts about coming to China.

Adjusting to life in a new country is always an interesting and exciting but honestly somewhat difficult experience. It can be a hard thing when you realize just how different you and your culture are from others. Don’t get me wrong, I love pushing myself to step outside my comfort zone. But, I have to be honest and admit there are struggles to it.  But just because I have moments of confusion and difficulty doesnt mean I am not loving it. I don’t regret it because it’s just the beginning,  and I know the wonderful things that are to come. Heck, I’ve only been here for a short time and have already had some exciting and memorable experiences.

I’ve realized how much more there is to China than what I’ve been exposed to. It is a unique country that is a combination of both modern and traditional and has thousands of years of history. It continues to develop so in some areas it feels like there is a mix of first world country and third world. Each area has specialty foods and dialects so you can always be ready to see, hear, smell and taste something new.

Just a couple of my first impressions, that I will write more elaborately on later, are that the driving here is a bit scary, the public toilets are…different, the “great” firewall is annoying, China is a beautiful country, food is cheap and so freakin’ delicious, public transportation for short distance and long distance travel seem well developed, and mostly, there is so much I need to learn!!

I want to share, with my family, friends and anyone else interested, the things I get to do and see here while also learning more about this country, language and culture. This page will be a mix of blogs, videos and photos sharing my life in China.

How I Ended Up in China:
I just wanted to give everybody a short background to my story for for those who don’t know. I did move here with my  boyfriend who is Chinese. We met when I was teaching in Korea and he was studying at university there. I was ready for a new adventure after teaching in Korea for a couple of years, and he was ready for a move after finishing his degree. This is a wonderful opportunity for me to keep traveling and exploring other cultures. I do think moving here with him provides me with a different kind of experience than when I moved to Korea alone, sometimes easier (and almost too convenient) and sometimes more difficult.

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